Elle has been transferred

Rome, december 17th, 2012

Today, the company Elle S.r.l. has been transferred from Laraf S.p.A. to FH S.p.A..

 The transfer, driven by the desire to free up financial resources for the Subholding operating in specialized market services in favor of energy operators, has led to the redefinition of the percentage of shares of the FH in favor of a greater commitment in the energy market.

Di Chiara Firm from Bologna supported the Company in the preparation and implementation of the relevant agreements.

The first initiative, which was completed in 2010, was the construction of a photovoltaic system on the warehouses owned by Snatt Real Estate in Campegine (Reggio Emilia).
 The agreement included the provision of industrial warehouses owned by Snatt R.E. and the construction of a photovoltaic system of 2.25 MW capable of producing 2.8 million kWh per year. The energy produced will be almost entirely used directly by the company renting the property, in this case, Snatt Logistics S.p.A. (efficient consumption system).
In addition to the revenues earned through the sale of electricity, this investment enables the user company to obtain state incentives for more than 20 million Euro over a period of twenty years through the Conto Energia (Feed-in Tariff).  Finally, Snatt Losgistica SpA also gains other indirect benefits through this initiative such as savings - from a lower energy cost - of more than 300 000 euro per year, in addition to the huge environmental advantage deriving from the use of renewable forms of energy.Further projects on photovoltaic systems are currently under study, which are intended to double the energy capacity and turnover in the years to come.

ELLE is a joint venture founded in 2010 to expand and diversify the interests of the FH Group on the energy market.
Taking advantage of the various managerial and entrepreneurial skills of two solid realities operating in the energy and real estate sectors, Elle seeks to be a market player in energy production using photovoltaic systems.
In fact, Elle is jointly owned by FH Group and Snatt Real Estate - real estate company from Emilia. 

Snatt Real Estate is a real estate company operating in the industrial sector that has localized its investments predominantly in central and northern Italy. 

Through its group, Snatt Logistics is the Italian market leader in integrated logistics management, particularly in apparel, footwear, and accessories. The group consists of a pool of companies that synergistically create a complete range of services for production, management and handling of goods in their warehouses and on behalf of third parties. Some of its main clients are Polo Ralph Lauren, Inter Sport and Cisalfa. 

Laraf is a young and dynamic Roman company operating on the energy market, designed to look to the future, seeking to make environmentally friendly investments the cornerstone of its core business as it considers that respect for the environment can easily merge with the interests of its shareholders.

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