Mazzoni LB S.p.A.

Aurora 2010 S.r.l. - FH S.p.A. Subsidiary – announces to have sold to Sagittario S.p.A its 20% of Mazzoni LB S.p.A. share capital.

The transaction falls within the industrial development plans of the FH Group, after having stayed for a few years during which the company was investing and supporting the growing company, it was felt that there could be no integration with other companies in the group and that it was more profitable to sell and maximize performance.

Bought at 4.2 and sold at 5.7, the operation allowed a a more than 35% gain.


Mazzoni LB is the world leader in the design and manufacture of machinery and complete plants for the production of soap and glycerine with a market share exceeding 60%.

Founded in 1946, is a world leader in the design and supply of plants for the production of soap and glycerine. Mazzoni is also active in the food sector, directly providing lines to the confectionary industry and through its subsidiary (100%) Bertuzzi Food Processing S.r.l. and the company (40%) Axor Ocrim S.r.l who develop and supply complete plants and machinery, respectively, for the processing of fruits and vegetables and to produce dry pasta.