Gemini Medicina Specialistica S.r.l.

FH S.p.A. has sold to Sogem S.s., which already held an additional 47% stake, its stake representing 47% of the corporate capital of Gemini Medicina Specialistica S.r.l. 

 FH’s entry into the shareholding structure of the private specialized group practice medical clinic located in Parma took place in December 2012. The transaction which was concluded though a reserved capital increase entailed a financial outlay by FH of Euro 200 thousand, aimed at providing to the Company the financial resources needed to overcome a significant contraction in turnover.

After implementing a series of measures aimed at attenuating this phenomenon, the exit allowed FH to achieve a return exceeding 20% for the year and the exit decision was made once it became clear that the investment could not have produced additional benefits in the future.
FH SpA, moreover, continues to believe that the healthcare segment in which Gemini Medicina Specialistica Srl operates offers attractive growth prospects in the context of innovative organizational models with respect to those that are currently more widespread and, for this reason, intends to remain alert to possible new investment opportunities in this sector.

Gemini is a private specialized group practice medical clinic located in Parma. The Gemini specialized medical clinic is equipped wtih technological instruments to ensure specific treatments, early diagnoses and personalized therapies. At Gemini, patients have access to open MRI testing and microdose mammographies without waiting lists. Gemini guarantees to its patients a professional medical team, quality services and highly qualified clinical counseling services. A team of highly experienced nurses supports the physicians, always ensuring attentive and personalized services.