Bertling Logistics Italy

Milan, June 20, 2013 

FH S.p.A. transfered its share of 50% in F.H. Bertling Logistics Italy  S.r.l. to F.H. Bertling International Gmbh, which already owned the residual 50%. The operation was totally in line according to the investment and disinvestment policy of the group and it has been successfully closed today.

The company was born in 2008 and was able to register a sales volume of more than €4 millions in the early 2009.

Although the market situation was not favorable during the following years, the company has been growing until doubling its volume of sales. This allowed FH to partially pay off the investment through the flourishing joint venture with Bertling Group.

Today, after a further growth of 50% in the sales volume, FH strongly believes that the appreciation of the society potential has been fulfilled.
In a length of time of 5 years, FH Bertling Logistic Italy has almost reached €14millions of volume of sales. The present accomplishment was realized by the labor force of 12 units and producing an earning before taxes (EBT) of €600.000. This result is certainly interesting by itself, but it becomes even more significant if considering the unfavorable economic context in which the company had to operate.

Beyond the economic and financial return built during its life, FH, along with F.H. Bertling Logistic Italy - born as Finaval offshore - created a valuable capital in terms of corporate cultural and managerial practices. The Society thus is able today to proceed independently, taking part even more in the international scene where it was introduced by FH.

The first priority was to constantly create additional value, and it can be stated that it has been accomplished with excellent results.

Bertling Group is one of the most important leaders in the transport and shipment industry. Following a clear vision - "Moving things in a big way" - Bertling gained a relevant financial stability. Due to the excellence in the work operations, the competence, and the constant growth for 150 years, Bertling Group reached remarkable outcomes both financially and economically.

FH is a modern investment company that combines entrepreneurial vision, with top management skills and real experience on the field. FH is unique in identifying opportunities to invest in niche but at the same time high valuable sectors.



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