Aliani Project s.r.l.




Aliani Project srl is a company that offers an all round service from assembly/disassembly, to transport (by sea and land) right through to logistics and engineering.


1) HEAVY TRANSPORTS: Aliani's new reality propelled us in the world of road transports known as "Heavy" referring to dimensions and abnormal weights, with capacity up to 400 Tons . on road and load-on/load-off inside worksites and ports up to 1500 Tons. Aliani are now able to run with the competitors in the main tenders, undertaken by the Italian Companies, leading in the following industry fields:

- Oil and Chemicals (Reactors, Platforming, Condensers, Heat exchangers, etc.);
- Cryogenic (Tanks for liquid oxygen up to 500.000 Litres);
- Power (Transformers for Power Stations, Boilers for steam cogeneration, Turbines and Generators);
- Coal and Steel (Legs for Rolling Mills and Melting);

Application and follow-up of transit authorizations to the Bodies in charge: Study and survey of the exact possible itinerary for Heavy Transports, in Italy and Abnormal road transports of oversized goods for dimensions and/or weight with capacity up to 400 Tons

2) LIFTING. In this particular branch, thanks to its qualified and skilled engineers and to its next generation equipments, Aliani are able to implement and fulfill the requirements for any specific need for lifting in any commodity class in ITALY and ABROAD: AUTOMOTIVE, COAL AND STEEL, POWER, PORTS, PETROL/CHEMICAL. Cranes with lifting capacity up to 800 Tons, gantry cranes up to 1200 Tons, from the evaluation study to the turn-key delivery, with Engineers, supervisors and skilled personnel.