FH is a modern investment company which, by combining entrepreneurial vision with the high quality of its management and its real expertise, identifies investment opportunities in high-value niche sectors.

FH’s approach to investing is based on confidence in our ability to pool our market knowledge, our technological understanding, our commitment to teamwork and information sharing, rigorous analysis and close attention to managing risk in order to perform under all market conditions.


FH invests in areas of business with high value creation potential and in the belief that a company’s responsibilities do not simply stop at making a profit, but should include the promotion of knowledge development, social cohesion and ethical and cultural values.

This approach has enabled FH to plan and structure innovative investment transactions, allowing us to enter into partnerships with leading Italian and overseas players in the sectors in which we operate.

Our aim is the constant creation of added value within the context of an ongoing risk control process and never losing sight of our core values.