Finaval S.p.A.




FINAVAL is one of the most active European companies in the sea transport of energy-products, and intends to offer itself as logistics player in this sector.


The reliability of its ships, which were among the first ones worldwide to use a double hull for better protection of cargo and environment, and the qualification of its crews, associated with systematically performed maintenance, use of the most modern technologies, and working standards in line with the latest regulations, allowed the Finaval group to gain the approval of the largest multinational oil companies, and a deserved reputation for reliability, respectability and safety.


To-day, its focus on the customers’ different requirements, its presence in areas that are strategic for cargo traffic, its offer of highly qualified services and its continuous investments, have established the Finaval group and consolidated its characteristics of efficiency, functional capacity and convenience, which are regarded as key factors by the whole national and international market.

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