FH S.p.A announces to have perfected the sale of Aurora 2010 Srl.

This operation is part of the Group industrial development plan, which is for the disengagement from mature fields in order to invest in the shipping, the historical sector of the group.

Aurora 2010 is an investment holding company,established in partnership with Engineer Nicola Greco, who has extensive experience in the industry, developing and following initiatives in plant engineering on the "energy “ market.

FH S.p.A announces it has completed the acquisition of 25% of Arezzo Owning Company.

This operation is part of the Group industrial development plan, which is for the disengagement from mature fields in order to invest in the shipping, the historical sector of the group.

Today SHL, the new entrepreneurial reality of the Horizon group, operating in the transport and shipping market, is born.

SHL integrates into the high-tech transport development strategy and added value pursued by the group.

The initiative, despite being characterized by a strong entrepreneurial innovation, moves on elements of continuity with respect to the history of the FH group, which has been operating for more than a decade in the specific sector concerned by developing management skills and business relationships.

Horizon is a holding company founded in order to expand the sectors in which FH operates, founded by the partnership with the Effe Holding srl, develops and follows the initiatives in the field of shipments and transport.

FH group announces that it has perfected the sale of Sebastian S.p.A. in July 2017 at AF group, the decision was made to ensure to Sebastian S.p.A continuity and development skills.

FH is a modern investment company which by combining business vision, talented management and on-the-ground experience, identifies investment opportunities in niche, added value sectors. 

AF was founded in 2017 by the desire to invest in high value added industries within the Luxury Fashion and Entertainment markets. The initiative aims to produce, over a long period of time, the studies and the experience gained through the valorisation of the made in Italy, gaining notoriety mainly through the pursuit of high quality standards but also through a continuous link with communicative channels that presence in the Entertainment market will ensure and encourage.



The company is in a phase characterized byconsiderable and additional investments needed to achieve high sales levels that can best express its potential. In this context, instead, the FH investment plan envisages large investments aimed at rebalance financial stress situations in the main market, which is shipping. It was considered necessary, although it felt that Sebastian, leader in the production of elite shoes and luxury accessories thanks to brand recognition and product quality, could achieve high levels of profitability in the coming years, to opt for the disinvestment.

The Sebastian brand was created about forty years ago and has been the undisputed leader in the manufacture of elite footwear since the 70/80s. Today the brand is seen as a synonym of excellence and luxury in the world, ranking at the top of the Italian shoe industry. The strengths of the brand are the quality of its products, being exclusively made in Italy, the style, and the particular attention to detail.

Sebastian shoes are a guarantee of luxury, elegance and refinement. 
A coherent image, shared around the world.

Fondo H Estonia – FH S.p.A. Subsidiary – announces that it has sold  to stock market its shares of Latvian Shipping Company (LSC).

The operation is aimed at releasing resources to invest in other investments, reducing potential losses in the investment itself.

Latvian Shipping Company (LSC) is a joint stock company listed on the NASDAQ OMX Riga and is primarily engaged in the trasportation of oil products, chemicals and crude oil utilizing its handy size and medium range tanker fleet. The LSC fleet trades worldwide ranging from the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe to the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean region as well as the far and Middle East. Additionally the tankers within the LSC fleet are specifically designed for trading in ice conditions giving its customers even greater trading flexibility during harsh winter periods.

Fondo H Estonia is an investment holding company founded to develop the FH Group investments in the Baltic Area.

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